The Dictatorship of God? Or, Jesus Plus Paul Equals Marx Plus Lenin

Harnessing Chaos

Here are two relatively unconventional takes on Jesus and Paul:

I am not the first to risk the comparison that makes of him [Paul] a Lenin for whom Christ will have been the equivocal Marx. [A. Badiou, Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2003), p. 2]

Paul goes on to his true Leninist business, that of organizing the new party called the Christian community. Paul as a Leninist: was not Paul, like Lenin, the great ‘institutionalizer,’ and, as such, reviled by the partisans of ‘original’ Marxism-Christianity? Does not the Pauline temporality ‘already, but not yet’ also designate Lenin’s situation in between two revolutions, between February and October 1917? Revolution is already behind us, the old regime is out, freedom is here – but the hard work still lies ahead.(Žižek)

Perhaps these statements are interesting for what they don’t mention: Stalin, dictatorship, Constantine…  (in Žižek’s case, especially, it…

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